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Academy of Homiletics Workgroups

The Academy of Homiletics has a number of workgroups that focus on various aspects of our discipline. Each workgroup has a convener, and each group meets in break-out sessions during the Annual Meeting. Academy members are encouraged to develop and further their research by writing papers for workgroup sessions. In addition, Academy members are encouraged to read carefully the papers and attend the workgroups of their choice to join in lively conversations around the cutting edges of our discipline. 

When an Academy member has a paper that meets the submission guidelines for a workgroup, she or he should submit it directly to the workgroup convener. Conveners are not editors and will return papers that do not strictly follow the submission guidelines. Qualified doctoral candidates must work through their doctoral advisers in making workgroup submissions.

Please click on the links below to learn more about each workgroup. Click here for submmission deadlines and guidelines for the 2015 annual meeting.