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2017 Travel and Accommodations


As the meeting draws closer, we will provide you with more details about options for transportation from the airports to the hotel. For now it might be helpful for those of you unfamiliar with Dallas/Fort Worth to know you will fly into one of two airports.

Most of you will likely find DFW International Airport the most convenient in terms of the air travel itself. It is the larger of the two (American Airlines’ hub) and will have more direct flights available. It is, however, farther away from our hotel than the second airport and thus ground transportation can cost more and take more time. (There is rail transportation that is fairly convenient but still takes some time.)

Dallas Love Field, on the other hand, is quite close to SMU and our hotel. An Uber/Lyft/Taxi ride will take little time and be a low cost. Not as many airlines fly into Love Field, however. If you can fly Southwest, Virgin, or Delta (connecting in Atlanta), this may be the better option for you. 


Click here for the conference reservation page of the Magnolia Hotel in Dallas, TX.