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Want to inquire about eligibility for membership in the Academy of Homiletics?

Membership may be offered by the Academy to any regular or adjunct faculty member in a graduate/professional school of theology who teaches preaching, and may continue for persons moving into other areas of ministry. Associate membership may be offered by the Academy to graduate students preparing to teach in the field of homiletics.

Fill out this form and submit your membership qualifications. If you have additional questions, you can contact our Secretary, Sunggu Yang.

Accredited School/Degree Program
Accredited School

Dues are paid each Fall either as a part of Annual Meeting Registration OR through online payment of member dues (members log into members section of website and follow link to Pay Member Dues). Dues are to be paid before the Annual Meeting each year as the Username and Password for the Members Section change each year. Full Membership Dues are $125 and Associate Member Dues are $50 annually.