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Learn About the 2022 Theme!

Academy of Homiletics

2022 Theme: "Reimagining the Center"

Since the Academy was established in 1965, scholarship written by white colleagues and developed with preaching in and for mainline white Protestant churches has been at the center of all that we do. This scholarship also makes up the overwhelming majority of reading lists for Ph.D. students training to teach Homiletics throughout North America.

As an Academy and as professors in theological institutions, we need to Reimagine the Center. A Center that includes people of many different races and ethnicities, cultures and traditions. With this in mind, the voices, scholarship and homiletic approaches of people who have traditionally been marginalized, overlooked and discounted will be “centered” throughout our meeting. This is an opportunity for all of us to broaden our knowledge and conceptions of homiletics in substantial ways.

We hope you are able to attend. See you in Louisville!