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Member Account FAQ's

Have questions? Having trouble renewing membership, registering for the meeting, or preparing to arrive? See if these answers help... 

I can't remember my personal account username and password!

Your personal account is the account you set up to renew membership in the Academy and access other member resources, using a unique and personal username and password. Click this link for help in retrieving your personal login password. If you cannot remember your personal username, please contact the Web Editor, Rob O'Lynn.

I tried to login to my personal account, but I've gotten something strange...

Perhaps the system is telling you that you are not a current member when you're sure you are, or you think you may have logged into a different account? If this happens to you, please contact the Secretary, Sunggu A. Yang

I can't find the link to renew membership. 

When you log into your personal account, click on the link that says "Show Details." That will reveal a link to renew membership.